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Frequently Asked Questions At Total Dental Care of South Carolina

Q: Will Your Dental Procedures Hurt?

Oftentimes, the number one concern that patients have when going to the dentist’s office is “Will the procedure that I am having hurt?” The answer to this question at Total Dental Care is no! The reason we can say that none of our dental procedures will cause you pain is because we take extra steps to ensure that they won’t.

If you are having a more complicated procedure, we will ensure that you feel no pain because we will provide you with local anesthesia and, if you choose, oral sedation. Once you have been given the perfect amount of anesthesia and sedation, you will feel no pain no matter which dental procedure you may be having. Also, if you are having a standard dental procedure, our amazing staff will perform it with such care that you will not suffer from any pain. You are our number one priority at Total Dental Care!

Q: Do You See Children Or Teens?

At Total Dental Care, we want to be your one-stop dental practice for your dental needs. One-stop also means that you don’t have to take your children and teens to another dental practice because we will be more than happy to treat them. We want to save you time by being able to make several appointments in one day where both you and your children can be seen. This will give you hours of extra time to do whatever else you need to do in your busy day. We are a family dentist at Total Dental Care, and it shows through the age range of our patients. We see everyone, both young and old, and we do so because we know it is what is best for you!

Q: What Are Your Payment Options?

At Total Dental Care, we want to make it possible for you to pay for your dental care in whatever way that we can! That is why we offer many different types of payment options, including CareCredit, The Lending Club, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover, and Delta Dental, and we will submit other insurances as a courtesy. All of the things we do are meant to make your visit with us more convenient, and this convenience extends even to our numerous payment options!

Q: What is the best way to replace a missing tooth?

Losing a natural tooth can be very detrimental to your smile. It is important that you replace the missing tooth with a secure and fully functional restoration like a dental bridge or dental implant. We prefer implants because they tend to last longer and do not require a loss of healthy tooth enamel like a bridge would. Visit us soon for an evaluation, and we’ll help you decide how to best restore your smile.

Q: Do You Offer Orthodontics for Adults?

Yes, we do! We have two orthodontic options that work great for many adult smiles. ClearCorrect aligners straighten teeth without any metal hardware. The clear plastic aligners gently move your teeth into place. Six Month Smiles blend more easily into your smile than traditional braces and work a lot faster too.

If you have any further questions about how we operate at Total Dental Care, call 803-272-4162 or make an appointment with our online form.


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