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Tooth-Colored Fillings Made Especially For You

  • October 3, 2015

Tooth Colored Fillings Made Especially For You

Welcome back to another edition of our South Carolina oral health blog.

Here in Columbia, we seek to support the families of our community through our comprehensive dentistry services and our genuine desire to help each patient get a better smile.

In our office on St. Andrews Road, we offer a wide range of solutions including dental implants, teeth whitening, sedation dentistry, and more.

Once entrusted to our care, your six month preventative cleanings and exams will go a long way towards keeping your mouth healthy and free of gum disease and tooth decay.

But it seems that in spite of our best efforts, cavities are on the rise again in this country.

If one turns up in your mouth, it isn’t the end of the world, especially if we catch it early.

Stopping Cavities In South Carolina

Here’s how it happens:

You take decent care of your teeth and gums but you tend to eat and drink stuff that contains some form of sugar.

These days it is hard to do otherwise!

The sugar in our food supply doesn’t actually cause the cavities in your mouth.

However, all that sugar feeds the bacteria that causes tooth decay.

When decay begins in your tooth, a barely noticeable hole will develop.

And in this way a cavity is born.

No dentist in Columbia, SC will applaud this development.

Still, your cavity can be easily contained at this point.

But the hole will continue to grow and gradually eat away at your tooth.

Trust us, your best bet is to get treatment before you require a root canal or an extraction.

Fillings Can Save The Day

Allowing the team here at Total Dental Care of South Carolina to treat the problem with dental fillings can help prevent the worst from happening.

That will save you plenty of pain and expense down the road.

Fillings do a bang up job containing the hole, and protecting your tooth from further decay.

Silver amalgam, which is a paste composed of mercury along with a few other metals, is what dentists used for what seems like an eternity to construct these fillings.

Truth be told, they were pretty effective at preventing your teeth from rotting away.

But they bothered people with metal allergies.

And they really bothered other people because of the way they looked.

You are probably acquainted with these dark metallic splotches of blackish grey that sit on top of your teeth.

That’s why, in our forward-looking Columbia, SC dental office, we provide a different kind of filling.

No More Metal Mania

At Total Dental Care of South Carolina, we utilize mercury-free fillings for our cavity treatments.

These are made of a composite resin that allows us to discreetly match your filling to your own unique tooth-color.

What’s more, they are made from a very strong material, so they can restore natural functioning to your teeth for many years to come.

Total Dental Care Will Make It Painless To Treat Cavities

In our Columbia, SC dental office, we make treating cavities a quick and comfortable experience.

Be sure to ask us about sedation dentistry options for your procedure.

Contact our Total Dental Care of South Carolina team today if you’d like to learn more about cavity prevention or schedule your tooth-colored fillings procedure.


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