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Three Reasons to Choose a Composite Filling

  • November 15, 2014

Just about every single person walking about with you on the streets or at your job is also walking around with restorations in his mouth. He may not have crowns or implants, but you can almost guarantee that he has at least one filling, and it is probably amalgam. Amalgam fillings have been the filling of choice for decades until recently. We are now moving towards composite fillings for many reasons. We’ve listed a few of those reasons below.

They Look Great – Composite fillings definitely fill the gap when it comes to the aesthetics of your smile. Amalgam stands out like a sore thumb because the dark color contrasts so deeply with the white of your teeth. Composite fillings, on the other hand, can be made to match any shade of your teeth so that they blend perfectly, leaving you with a stunning smile!

There’s no Mercury – Amalgam fillings contain mercury, which most people would prefer to not have in their bodies at all! Composite fillings do not contain harmful materials, leaving you at ease for the health of your body and smile!

They Bond Your Tooth – Amalgam fillings are very strong, but over time, your tooth weakens. Amalgam does nothing to prevent that from happening, but composite bonding material can actually help strengthen an aging tooth.

Having the best smile possible begins with the smallest parts. A filling is a small restoration that does big work! Contact us today to learn more about the differences between amalgam and composite fillings. We would love to help you make the best choice for your smile when your next filling rolls around!


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