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The Six Month Orthodontic Solution

  • October 10, 2014

If we could wave a magic wand to give you the smile of your dreams right away, we would! Unfortunately, that’s not the way it works. Good things come with time and patience, and when it comes to getting great orthodontic care, it can take 18-24 months for a complete treatment. In the grand scheme of your life, that’s not much time, but when you are trying to get a better smile, you want the time to pass quickly. That’s why we love Six Month Smiles!

The only thing worse than knowing you’ll need to wear traditional metal braces is finding out that you’ll have to wear those braces for 18 months or longer! Metal braces are not made to be physically comfortable or to blend in with the rest of your smile, that’s for sure! Sure, you’ll get used to wearing them, but why deal with something so uncomfortable when you can have a completely different orthodontic experience with Six Month Smiles?

Fast, Reliable, Inconspicuous

Six Month Smiles are a fantastic way to straighten your smile without feeling a ton of embarrassment and discomfort. The braces themselves blend in with your teeth with plastic brackets and tooth-colored wires. We only focus on the teeth in your smile zone, which means that you’ll be completely amazed at how quickly the time passes! If you begin now, you could have your brand new smile just as spring rolls around!

Orthodontic care doesn’t have to be the embarrassment that you imagine from middle school. You can be completely comfortable and get the smile of your dreams in half of a year! Contact us today to learn more about this process. We’d love to show you all that the Six Month Smiles system has to offer!


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