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The Price of Health and Beauty Courtesy of Dental Implants

  • February 5, 2014

Getting dental implants may be a costly move, but if you have the means, nothing is too expensive if it will not only restore your teeth’s function and health but also give you the confidence to smile and interact with others and enjoy a socially active lifestyle in the process. Other replacement teeth options may set you back not so far as implants can, but they are not as complete a treatment as these amazing titanium-based artificial teeth, serving as both restorative and cosmetic pieces.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of having implants instead of a fixed bridge or a partial denture is its ability to integrate with bone in the jaw known as osseointegration. The biocompatible titanium substitutes for tooth roots that provide stimulation to the bone to preserve its density and keep the gum tissues healthy. By preventing bone loss, the facial structure is kept intact, maintaining your youthful looks.

Functionally, dental implants replace the natural teeth you’ve lost without the need for special cleaning and maintenance, unlike bridges that need Super Floss to clean or removable dentures that may require the application of denture adhesives. Since they are fixed and permanent, you’ll waste no time and effort worrying about a slipping prosthesis and you can speak and smile with ease and confidence.

And since implants don’t come cheap, it’s important to find a dentist that can make your expense a worthwhile investment in your health and well-being. Columbia SC dentist Dr. Doug Forbes is just the doctor who can give you the dental implants that will last you for many years to come. The entire treatment needs more than a few appointments, making the implant placement procedure an investment both in terms of money and time, but once the implants have integrated into the jawbone, and the permanent crowns have been fixed, it will be all worth the effort.

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