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The Dynamic Duo Of Single Tooth Replacement

  • August 22, 2016

Batman and Robin.

Hall and Oates.

Sonny and Cher.

All the best duos have one thing in common. Each partner makes the other better in some way.

That’s why we would like to nominate another great duo — dental crowns and dental implants.

You may be familiar with these services if you’ve read our previous blog posts. If so, then consider this a refresher on the value of dental crowns and implants. If you are just learning about them for the first time, then make a mental note if you should ever need them in the future.

Then again, you may find that you could benefit from these services right now. If that’s the case, then schedule a visit to Total Dental Care of South Carolina if you live in or near Columbia.

Until then, get to know what makes these two teammates work so well together.

The ‘McEnroe’ Of Tooth Replacements

If you follow tennis (and maybe even if you don’t), then you know the name of John McEnroe. As successful as he was in singles, he was arguably an even better doubles player.

McEnroe and his regular partner, Peter Fleming, won 50 titles in their career. Fleming and McEnroe are considered by many to be the best doubles tandem of all time.

Fleming, however, has been quoted as saying, “The best doubles pair in the world is John McEnroe and anyone.”

We bring this up because it might be fair to say that the best teeth replacements in the world are dental implants and anything else.

Implants make any other replacement pairing even better. Implants hold a unique place in restorative dentistry.

Most replacement products are designed to replace the natural crowns of your teeth. Implants replace the roots.

Like roots, implants are embedded in your jawbone. The bone interacts with the implant in a special way, known as osseointegration. As new bone tissue is created, it grows around and bonds to the implants, which are made of titanium.

As long as you keep your mouth healthy, your jawbone will hold your implant firmly in place. In turn, this makes the implant a strong and stable support for whatever other tooth replacement is placed on it.

The Star Of The Show

While implants provide the “oomph” that make your tooth replacement stronger, you still need a replacement for the crown of a missing tooth if you want your smile to look whole.

At our office, we use CEREC dental crowns for many things. (CEREC is an abbreviation for “ceramic restoration.”) This means we have an in-house milling machine, which means we can create crowns for our patients in less time than many other dentist offices.

Crowns are often used to repair teeth that have are chipped or broken or have been damaged by tooth decay. They also can be used for cosmetic purposes, such as restoring the color of an individual discolored tooth or changing the appearance of a misshapen tooth.

Thanks to the development of dental implants, dental crowns can now be used to replace individual lost or missing teeth.

Before implants, your best option was to get a dental bridge. This involved grinding away part of a two other teeth (which may have been perfectly healthy) so they could support the bridge that filled the space between them.

Now, we can give you a complete tooth replacement. The dental implant fills in for your missing root, and the dental crown replaces the missing natural crown.

Our dental crowns are made of materials that can be closely matched to the color of your other teeth. Our crowns also are strong enough to bite and chew the foods that you want to eat.

If we could make another comparison, you might say the dental crowns are the like movie star who plays the hero in a movie since it is the thing in the spotlight when you smile or open your mouth.

That would make the dental implant like a star director who is able to get the best performances out of his or her actors.

Full Tooth Replacement

Humans cannot regrow their permanent teeth, so for now, the best option for replacing a missing tooth (and restoring your smile) is the dynamic duo of dental crowns and dental implants.

Set up a consultation with our dentist at our office in Columbia if you would like to know if they could help you. All you need to do is call 803-272-4162 or fill out our online form to request an appointment at Total Dental Care of South Carolina.


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