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The Discipline for Root Canal Treatment

  • February 5, 2014

When a patient has no choice but to undergo root canal therapy in order to address an infection that has reached the tooth nerve, it’s very easy to agree to the procedure especially when the person is in pain, never mind if the entire treatment requires a few more visits after the first appointment. But once the pain is already gone, the patient tends to be complacent about the remainder of the therapy, putting off successive appointments needed to thoroughly clean the root canals and seal off the tooth.

But just as a root canal treated tooth can break and become re-infected, a partially-treated tooth can also be vulnerable to breakage not only because it has turned weak from the therapy but more so because it is yet to be strengthened and protected with a dental crown. It may also be susceptible to re-contamination if the temporary filling breaks down or becomes defective.

It is therefore important to follow through on your root canal treatment, to return to your Columbia SC dentist for the continuous cleaning of the root canals, wherein decayed pulp and bacteria are removed by means of scraping and scrubbing using a root canal file. Anti-bacterial medication is also placed inside the tooth within the period of therapy to dissolve the pulp tissue and kill all the bacteria before the tooth is finally sealed.

Recurring visits are also useful for the dentist to check all root canals and make sure that none of them are left untreated otherwise, this may lead to a re-infection and breakdown in the filling material and your tooth may end up as a product of a defective root canal treatment. A tooth may have four or five root canals and if any of them is not meticulously and diligently cleaned as the others, this may develop to more serious complications that can affect the gum tissue and require more aggressive endodontic surgery.

To ensure that your root canal treatment becomes a success that will last you for many years to come, without the risk of re-contamination, book your appointment with Columbia SC dentist Dr. Doug Forbes of Total Dental Care of South Carolina by calling 803-272-4162 or by filling out our online form.


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