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Stay Relaxed With Help From Dental Sedation

  • July 8, 2016

You have a dentist appointment today and you couldn’t be more relaxed.

Why? It’s because you get your treatment at Total Dental Care of South Carolina. You are so grateful that you learned about Dr. Forbes and our team last year.

You were so nervous the first time you called to make an appointment. You hadn’t been to the dentist in years, but you were worried that you might have a cavity. (It turns out you were right about that.)

Our staff goes out of the way to help you feel comfortable the whole time you were in the office, and you were so grateful when you learned that we offer dental sedation to help relieve your anxiety.

You can’t help wondering how bad your tooth might have gotten if you hadn’t made that call.

That Could Be You

As much as we wish everyone came to the dentist for routine cleanings twice a year, too many people avoid the dentist for years at a time.

For many of them, dental anxiety is the reason they avoid coming to see us. The sources of that anxiety can differ greatly from person to person. Whatever the reason, we know it can be difficult to schedule an appointment if you are worried about what might happen when you sit in the dentist’s chair.

You may be worried that you will gag.

You could be afraid of needles.

You might be bothered by the sights and sounds of dental care.

Or your anxiety may arise from a bad experience you had previously.

If any of this sounds familiar, we want to help you ease your way back into the dentist’s chair to receive dental care.

Dental Sedation

As you are already aware, dental anxiety can make it hard to schedule an appointment, much less to actually come into the dentist’s office.

At the same time, you probably realize that the longer you stay away from the dentist, the more likely you are to develop a serious problem that may require extensive or complicated treatment.

We would much rather see you when your problems are small or, better yet, before a problem starts. Prevention is the best approach to dental care, and that should include routine cleanings and examinations.

If that sounds scary to you, then you may be the perfect candidate for oral conscious sedation.

With oral sedation, we can prescribe a single dose of medication that will relieve your anxiety so you can remain calm and comfortable throughout your cleaning or other procedure.

One of the effects of the medicine is you will feel drowsy or groggy. Some patients do fall asleep, but we can wake you easily if needed. In any case, you may not remember any of your treatment if you take this medicine.

When you are finished, it’s extremely important that you have a family member or friend available to take you home. The effects of the medicine can last for hours, so you should not drive. In fact, you should probably plan to rest for a bit when you get home.

Pain-Free Dental Care

So far we have stressed the benefit of oral conscious sedation as it helps with dental anxiety.

That’s not the only benefit of dental sedation, however?

The medicine is a powerful analgesic, which means it will prevent you from feeling any pain during your treatment. This is why we may recommend it for patients who are undergoing procedures like root canals, too.

Our intent is to make your visit with us as comfortable and as painless as possible, both physically and emotionally.

Some patients don’t like the idea of dental sedation. For them, we offer other ways to help them relax.

We have massage chairs to help you relieve tension, and we can offer longer appointments if you know you may want to take a break or two during your treatment. This way you can complete your procedure a little bit at a time without having to make extra visits. We can even play music while you are with us if that will help you stay calm and relaxed.

If we can provide you with something that will make your dental care easier to handle, please let us know.

Imagine Being Comfortable At The Dentist Office

We know dental anxiety can be hard to overcome, but we also know that we can help. We have helped many other patients in and around Columbia, SC, and we can help you, too.

We want you to feel like the patient described at the start of this blog. Let us show you how comfortable you can be at Total Dental Care of South Carolina.

Make your appointment online or call 803-272-4162.


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