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Spring-Clean Your Smile With A Dental Cleaning [Blog]

  • March 1, 2019

It’s just about that time of year — time to organize the closets, bag up all the stuff you don’t need, clean out the garage, and repaint the kitchen. No matter what you plan to do for spring cleaning, there’s one important thing you shouldn’t forget: a dental cleaning in our Columbia, SC dentist office. If you had a cleaning in the fall, then don’t assume your smile is good until this fall. Dr. Forbes and our team recommend a cleaning every six months.

That goes for kids and everyone in your household — we see family members young and old.  

Start by calling 803-272-4162 today, and feel free to pass along your insurance information if you’re a new patient. We accept many plans, and most pay for checkups in full.

See & Feel the Difference with Our Thorough Teeth Cleanings

Whether it’s your first time here or your fiftieth, you can always expect a kind greeting from us. We’ll take you back for digital X-rays to get an initial assessment of your oral health. These are quicker, safer, and more detailed than regular X-rays. Of course, you’ll get a professional cleaning, too. We take great care to clean your gums and teeth, removing all plaque and tartar, which are full of bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease.

Although you can remove plaque pretty well on your own by brushing twice daily for two to three minutes and flossing once a day, you cannot remove hardened tartar. You must visit a dentist office where the right tools and trained professionals do this for you.

One great thing about cleanings at Total Dental Care of South Carolina is that we use modern ultrasonic scalers for your cleanings, not the old-fashioned tools. These clean just as well but make your care much more comfortable. Once your cleaning is done, you’ll love the way your teeth feel smooth and look shiny.

Dental Exams Catch Problems Early

Not only will you get a thorough dental cleaning at your biannual appointment, but you’ll also get two thorough exams. Our hygienists are trained to spot problems, and Dr. Forbes is great at catching even the tiniest issues. A member of the American Dental Association and the Academy of General Dentistry, he has spent 34 years keeping mouths healthy in South Carolina. Trust him and our team to find things like:

  • Cavities
  • Gum disease
  • Root canal problems
  • Oral cancer
  • Signs of bruxism (teeth grinding)

We will say, though, that we have a little help from technology, too. Aside from our digital X-rays, we also use the VELscope handheld device, which detects signs of oral cancer using fluorescence. And our intraoral cameras allow us to see inside your mouth in real-time. We can show you the images too so you can see exactly what we see!

Other Preventive Dental Care Keeps Teeth Strong & Healthy

You might get recommendations from us for some measures to keep your teeth and gums in good shape. These treatments could include:

  • Sealants — These thin, clear coatings go over your back teeth to keep plaque from accumulating. They’re usually provided for kids, but we might recommend them for some cavity-prone adults.
  • Fluoride Treatments — Fluoride treatments at the dentist are a great way to supplement fluoridated water and toothpaste. Fluoride has been proven to prevent cavities because it remineralizes your teeth, which keeps them strong. We use safe levels in the treatments we use here.
  • Nutritional Counseling — If you’ve had cavities or other dental problems that could be prevented with nutritional changes, feel free to ask for advice. The good thing is, changes to improve your oral health can improve your overall health too.
  • Tooth Fillings — If we do find any signs of cavities, we’ll use non-metal tooth fillings to prevent any more damage to your teeth.
  • Gum Disease Treatment — Although this takes place at another appointment or series of appointments, we are able to keep the number one cause of tooth loss under control. Our gum disease therapy will also restore the health and look of your smile. It might even eliminate your chronic bad breath, if gum disease was the cause.

Schedule Your Family’s Spring Cleanings Today!

If it’s time for your dental cleaning, it’s time to call Total Dental Care in Columbia, SC. Make your family’s next appointments with us online or by calling 803-272-4162. We’re confident we can work with your busy schedule with hours as late as 8 p.m. Tidy up your smile and get it clean and shining!


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