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See The Difference With A Same-Day Dental Crown

  • July 1, 2017

Twins Tim and Tom tried to do everything together that they could. Their families took vacations together. They lived in the same neighborhood. They even played on the same softball team.

By chance, they had something else in common. On the same day, they both cracked a tooth.

But this is where they did something a little different.

Tim went to Total Dental Care of South Carolina to get a dental crown. Tom visited another dentist office.

By the end of the day, Tim’s smile looked as good as it ever had, and he his crown felt like the rest of his natural teeth. Tom was stuck with a temporary crown, and he didn’t know how long he’d have it until his real crown was ready.

So, what was the difference, Tim was able to get a CEREC dental crown at our dentist office in Columbia, SC. We’ll explain what CEREC crowns are, and how you could get one in today’s post.

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How CEREC Makes Crowns Faster

You probably realize that “Tim and Tom” in our introduction aren’t real patients.  Even so, their problems (cracked teeth) really do affect a lot of people, and the solution (dental crowns) is real as well.

CEREC crowns can do the same things that other dental crowns can do. The difference is how quickly you are able to get a CEREC crown. CEREC is an abbreviation for CEramic REConstruction.

When you come to Total Dental Care of South Carolina, we can scan your mouth using 3D imaging software. With the help of computer-aided design, we are able to create a dental crown for you in a single visit to our office. In some case, this can take as little as an hour.

That computer software provides information for our in-house milling machine. This machine then reshapes a small ceramic cube to create a crown that looks and feels like one of your natural teeth.

Once your dental crown is ready, we can bond it to your tooth to give you a complete smile again. And since the ceramic is made from high-quality, durable materials, it can function as well as your natural teeth for biting and chewing food.


The Old Way Of Getting A Dental Crown

The process for getting a CEREC crown is similar in many ways to the old way of getting a dental crown.

Your mouth has to be scanned, or an impression must be made. This is so your crown is designed to fit your smile.

Then, your tooth is prepared to support a dental crown. This is done by forming an abutment from the healthy parts of your tooth. In the example above, we would do this by removing the section of your tooth with the crack so it does not spread and cause more damage.

This is where things get different, however. With CEREC, we can start making your crown in our dentist office in Columbia, SC. Another dentist may have to place an order for your crown at a dental laboratory, which is probably already filling orders for dental crowns from hundreds of other dentists offices.

That could mean weeks before a dental crown is completed and delivered to that other dentist office. While you wait, you may be stuck with a temporary crown, which may not seem bad … at first.

Unfortunately, temporary crowns aren’t as sturdy as permanent crowns. They can break or come loose, in which case, they won’t be providing the protection you need for what’s left of your tooth.

That’s a risk you don’t have to take if you get a CEREC crown from us.


Another Reason To Consider CEREC Crowns

We wish we could say that they work perfectly 100 percent of the time, but every now and then there could be a problem with how a dental crown fits.

By visiting a dentist office with CEREC, we have the tools to fix the problem right then and there. Another dentist office may have to send your crown back the lab, which means a longer delay in getting your real crown.


Where Will You Go If You Need A Dental Crown?

If you would prefer to get your crown sooner than later, we welcome you to make an appointment at Total Dental Care of South Carolina. Contact us online or call us at 803-272-4162.


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