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Sedation Dentistry: Solution for Dental Fear

  • April 14, 2014

People have different ways of dealing with toothache. Some just take over-the-counter drugs while others endure the pain and avoid going to the clinic. Patients who battle with dental fear skip their appointments not knowing that Dr. Doug Forbes of Total Dental Care clinic can help them get the needed treatment without worrying about the pain.

If you have some nagging fear of dentists, then sedation dentistry will help you relax during your procedure. You have three options: Inhaled, oral or IV sedation. In order to know which type of sedation dentistry is right for you, it’s best that you talk to your South Carolina dentist. Take note that your visit will not involve any treatment yet. Instead, you will just have a simple discussion with your health care practitioner. This is your initial step in overcoming your fear.

During your consultation, feel free to tell him the cause of your fear. Don’t be shy to express your apprehensions. Instead, be honest. This will help him analyze your situation. He may ask about your medical condition, your oral health, and other information so that he can evaluate which method is suitable for you.

Inhaled sedation or laughing gas works by breathing a nitrous oxide with oxygen. This is a mild sedative and wears off easily. You can even drive alone after the treatment.

For mild to moderate sedation, you’ll take a prescription pill before your scheduled visit. This can make you drowsy but you’ll still be awake. If you doze off, you can be awakened with a mild shake. You need to bring a companion to drive for you as the effects of the sedative can linger for a while after your dental procedure.

IV moderate sedation is administered through a vein, which takes effect quickly. Your dentist can easily adjust the level sedation so he can work on your teeth while you’re relaxed.

Whether you need to treat decayed teeth, fix a broken tooth, or improve your smile, your Columbia SC dentist can help you overcome your fear by means of sedation dentistry. Call 803-272-4162 to book an appointment.


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