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Save Time, Smiles With CEREC Dental Crowns

  • October 16, 2016

You could go to almost any dentist who offers restorative care to get a dental crown, or you can come to Total Dental Care of South Carolina to get a CEREC same-day dental crown.

We will explain that makes CEREC a better option for the patients who visit our dentist office in Columbia, SC, later in this post.

To get your dental crown, you can call or contact us only to make an appointment.


The Many Uses For Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are the building blocks of restorative dentistry.

Dr. Douglas R. Forbes, DMD, has seen a lot of problems with teeth in his 24 years as a dentist. Here are some of the ways he can and has used dental crowns to restore smiles:

◆ Broken teeth

◆ Chipped teeth

◆ Cracked teeth

◆ Decayed teeth

◆ Discolored teeth

◆ Worn down teeth

◆ Infected teeth

In each of the situation above, the dental crown procedure is similar. The short version is Dr. Forbes will remove the damaged, decayed, or discolored parts of your tooth and replace it will a dental crown.

We will explain more in a moment because that is what sets CEREC dental crowns apart from other crowns.

There is one more use for dental crowns that didn’t mention yet. Dental crowns are used to replace missing teeth as well.

One way to do this is by fusing multiple crowns together to form a dental bridge. The other option is to place a dental implant in your jaw (to replace the root of your lost tooth) and attach a dental crown to the abutment end of the implant.


What Makes CEREC Dental Crowns Different

To really understand what makes CEREC dental crowns different than other crowns, we need to go into more detail about the procedure.

If you come to Total Dental Care of South Carolina with a broken tooth, you can leave with a permanent crown for your tooth.

Here’s how it works.

The first step is removing the parts of your teeth that are weak and damaged. This does two things. It leaves behind healthy and strong parts of your tooth, and it serves as an abutment to support your dental crown.

While you wait, the CEREC milling machine that we have in our office will be doing its magic. The machine will turn a cube of ceramic into a crown made to match the shape of your smile.

Before you leave, we will place your CEREC crown in your mouth. You will have a smile that looks complete again to go along with the full function of your natural teeth.

How is that different than dental crowns you might get elsewhere?

The dental crown procedure will start the same. The dentist will reshape your tooth for the same reasons.

Then, you will receive a temporary crown. These are not bonded as securely as permanent crowns, nor are they as strong.

The temporary crown is basically a placeholder to protect the healthy parts of your tooth. You will need to be careful when eating so it doesn’t get pulled or pushed out of position before your permanent crown is ready.

In this case, the permanent crown is ordered from a laboratory. It may take weeks to before it’s ready for you. That means a second dental appointment to complete the process.

You have a choice when if you need a dental crown. You can come to Total Dental Care of South Carolina where you could get a dental crown today, or you can go somewhere else where it may take weeks and multiple dental visits to get your permanent crown.


A Few More Facts About CEREC Dental Crowns

The CEREC milling machine creates your dental crown based on 3D imaging of your mouth.

This means we don’t need to make messy impressions, but you still get a dental crown that is designed to look like the rest of your teeth.

CEREC crown can be made to match the color of your other teeth. This allows them to look like just another one of your natural teeth.

And if there is a problem with your dental crown, we have the equipment here at Total Dental Care of South Carolina to fix it before you leave.


Could You Use A Dental Crown?

Dr. Forbes is dedicated to providing the best service for all the patients who visit our dentist office in Columbia, SC. Our CEREC dental crowns are just one example of this.

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