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Prevention of Gum Disease

  • July 22, 2014

Prevention is always better than cure. This is also applicable when it comes to your oral health. Dental problems such as gum disease can be prevented by means of proper oral hygiene, dental checkups, teeth cleaning, and lifestyle modification.

Keep up with your daily regimen

Practicing proper oral hygiene is your first line of defense against tooth decay and gum disease. Brush at least twice a day to remove the bacteria and plaque that clings to your mouth. Floss once day to eliminate the small food particles that are trapped in between your teeth.

Drop by at the dental office

Gum disease and other dental issues are usually detected during routine checkup. This is why it is important to visit the clinic so your South Carolina dentist can monitor your oral health. Once he spots signs of tooth decay, gum inflammation, or sensitivity, he may suggest an immediate treatment to prevent you from pain and discomfort.

Get prophylaxis

Your daily oral regimen is not enough to guard you from cavities and gum problems, you need prophylaxis or professional teeth cleaning to get rid of plaque, tartar, and stains that can damage your pearly whites. Your dentist uses specials tools in making your teeth clean and healthy.

Modify your lifestyle

Aside from observing good oral hygiene, checkups and cleaning, you need to modify your lifestyle. If you’re smoking, it’s time to quit the bad habit as it can cause gum disease and oral cancer. In addition to this, you need to eat more vitamins and minerals to make your teeth and gums healthy. Avoid bad habits that can damage your teeth and gums.

Dr. Doug Forbes, your Columbia SC dentist, offers advice on how you can prevent gum disease. For consultation, please call the Total Dental Care of South Carolina at 803-272-4162.


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