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Non-Invasive Mini-Implants for Edentulous Patients

  • January 29, 2014

People who are edentulous (lacking teeth) and have long worn removable dentures essentially have the option to switch to implant-supported dentures if they want a more stable and secure set of replacement teeth. But a good portion of those who have not yet been fitted with implants were perhaps found to have already lost the bone density necessary for placing these artificial tooth roots and are not willing to undergo invasive bone grafting.

Dental bone grafting is a surgical procedure that involves taking and using bone from the patient’s own body, a bone bank or from synthetic sources to increase the bone density in the jawbone in order to support the implants. Although the success rate of bone grafting to build bone in the jaw is very high, the procedure is quite invasive and may prove to be uncomfortable for most patients.

But the advent of mini dental implants has changed all that. Mini-implants do not require additional bone grafting as they can be placed using only the existing bone structure. And since they use smaller titanium posts compared to standard size implants and take less number of appointments because of the non-invasive procedure, the cost of mini-implants are significantly less than that for normal size implants.

Getting mini-dental implants also offer more convenience in the sense that the patient can resume eating his/her favorite foods soon after the procedure with no need to go on a soft diet, which is usually advised when there is bleeding and swelling. The dentures can be easily attached and detached from the titanium implants by way of the snap-on retaining fixture.

If you have been previously told that you can’t be fitted with implant-supported dentures, come to Columbia SC dental clinic Total Dental Care of South Carolina where Dr. Doug Forbes will have you fitted with mini-implant retained dentures in just one session. Call 803-272-4162 to book an appointment with your Columbia SC dentist right away.


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