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Mini-implant Procedure

  • May 8, 2014

If you are considering mini-implants as an option to regain your missing teeth, it would be good to have an idea of how the procedure might take place at your Columbia SC dental clinic. Unlike traditional implants, mini-implants take a shorter time to complete and there’s even a treatment that allows a patient to have a full set of mini-implants done in just one day!

Mini-implant Procedure: Then and Now

The speed of a mini-implant procedure has a lot to do with hi-tech dental scanners and the size of mini-implants. It used to be that when a person needed to get implants, he’d have to go for several visits to a South Carolina dentist. The visits would involve checkups, treatment planning, and a series of operations/oral surgeries.

On top of that, he’d have to wait for several months for the previous surgery to heal before he can go back to his dentist for the rest of the implants. All in all, it could take 6 to 18 months for the whole procedure to finish.

With mini-implants, a South Carolina dentist can do all the checkups and treatment planning in just 2-3 visits (consultation, treatment planning, and actual surgery). An example of this procedure is the All-on-Four treatment, which uses 3-D scanners that produce three-dimensional images of the patient’s teeth and jaw. A dentist could complete the actual implant surgery in just one afternoon. The total length of the mini-implant procedure will still depend on the individual dental health condition of a patient, but if there are no problems, an All-on-Four treatment could be done in just 2-3 visits to your South Carolina dentist.

Advantages of Mini-implants

Besides the shorter treatment period, mini-implants are also very ideal for people who do not have enough jawbone density to support traditional implants. Since the implant posts are less than 3mm in size, they can be securely placed into a person’s jawbone even if its thinner than average.

Mini-implants are also less expensive than traditional implants costing only about $2,000 to $4,000. They also need less healing time, usually just 3-8 weeks.

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