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Making Braces Better with Invisalign

  • February 14, 2014

It’s amazing how braces work to straighten misaligned, crooked or crowded teeth. Traditional metal braces are made up of brackets that are attached to each tooth using bonding material, an arch wire that runs over the brackets, and ligature elastics that hold the brackets onto the arch wire, putting pressure on the teeth and making them move to the direction they need to go to become aligned, straight and more pleasing to the eye.

As the braces exert pressure on teeth, the periodontal membrane that surrounds each tooth expands on one side and constricts on the other, causing the teeth to loosen from the gum line, moving less and less until they become more aligned, which on average takes from a year to three years. As this straightening gradually happens over the course of the treatment, bone around the periodontal membrane grows to support the tooth in its new position, kept in place by a retainer until such time the bone is strong enough to hold the teeth on its own.

Traditional braces have been proven time and again to be effective in what it does. Perhaps the biggest factor why not everyone who needs to wear braces is wearing one are the highly noticeable and uncomfortable metal brackets and arch wire that could not only cut the lips, tongue and inside of the mouth but also trap food debris, making daily cleaning quite a chore.

But you can’t let these things hold you back from having straight teeth and a beautiful smile. Luckily for all, there are available alternatives such as clear braces that are virtually invisible you’ll hardly get noticed you were wearing braces. One such popular type of clear braces is Invisalign, clear plastic aligners that are smooth, comfortable and easily removable, making your mealtimes and daily oral hygiene routine a breeze.

Have your Invisalign clear aligners fitted by Columbia SC dentist and certified Invisalign provider Dr. Doug Forbes of the Total Dental Care of South Carolina clinic. Get an appointment by calling 803-272-4162 today and be well on your way to having a better smile.


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