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Light Up Your Smile With Lumineers

  • September 1, 2016

Try to imagine the perfect kind of cosmetic dentistry.

It would completely transform you smile. Your teeth would look better than the smiles of your favorite celebrity.

The results would be instantaneous. You could walk into the dentist office with the most crooked, yellowest teeth imaginable and walk out with a smile that is perfectly straight and sparklingly white.

If you want this perfect solution, then … we don’t know where you can go because it doesn’t really exist. 

However, we do offer a service that is about as close as we can get at Total Dental Care of South Carolina. If you live in or near Columbia, schedule a consultation at our dentist office to discuss Lumineers®.


Change Your Smile

If you aren’t sure what Lumineers are, then you just need to keep reading to get the answer.

Lumineers are a special kind of dental veneers. Dental veneers are a thin layer of ceramic or resin that can be bonded to the front of your teeth.

When your veneers are attached, you smile can look as nice as you want it to look. While you will see the results as soon as your veneers are bonded in place, it will take a couple visits to complete the process.

Like all veneers, Lumineers can be used to address a variety of issues you may be having with your teeth. Veneers effectively hide your teeth behind a shell, which is sort of like adding siding to the side of your house.

It will change the exterior appearance although the solid foundation will remain underneath.

Here is a list of some of the ways veneers can change your smile:

◦ Make your teeth as white as you want them to be

◦ Make your teeth as straight as you want them to be

◦ Close gaps between your teeth

◦ Make crowded teeth look more evenly spaced

◦ Restore the shape of teeth that are worn down or chipped

A lot of cosmetic services can address one or two those issues, but veneers can deal with all of them at the same time.


Save More Of Your Teeth

So far we have discussed ways that Lumineers and other kinds of veneers are the same.

Now, let’s look at what separates Lumineers from the pack.

With most veneers, the first step in the process will be removing a layer of enamel from your teeth. This is done to create space for your veneers with changing your profile after they are attached.

We want you to look like you, just with the nicer smile that you want to have.

The next step is making an impression to send to the dental laboratory by doing this. The lab will use this to craft a set of veneers that are custom-fitted to your teeth and custom-made to look the way you want your smile to look.

When your veneers are ready, we will bond them to the front of your teeth.

Lumineers are the thinnest veneers you can find. At just 0.2 millimeters, they are so thin that we don’t have to remove any of your enamel before making your impressions.

This means that Lumineers are bonded directly to your teeth as they are. This also means  your complete teeth will still be intact if you change you mind about having Lumineers years or decades from now. (We don’t think you will, but you will have that option.)


Get Results In Less Time

There aren’t many cosmetic services you can get in a single visit to a dentist’s office.

In-office professional teeth whitening can improve the color of your smile in one visit. Same-day CEREC dental crowns, which are primarily used for restorative purposes, are another option.

But neither of those things can do as much as veneers, including Lumineers.

It may take a few weeks to get your Lumineers back from the lab, but when you do, the results will be obvious from the moment they are secured to your teeth.

When you see your new smile, it may some time to get used to seeing your new “teeth” in the mirror. You may be surprised at how quickly your smile can change from the moment you start the process until the moment you receive your Lumineers.


Create Your Own Smile

Veneers may not be the perfect cosmetic dental service. However, they are effective. They do change your smile relatively quickly.

And you can get them at our dentist office if you live or near Columbia, SC.

To set up a meeting to discuss Lumineers or our other veneers, call Total Dental Care of South Carolina at 803-272-4162 or fill out our online form.


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