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Let Your Smile Shine Bright All Summer

  • May 1, 2018

Every summer, people try to get in shape for swimsuit season.

Even if you aren’t the swimming type, you probably would like to look a little nicer. It’s human nature. It’s something we all do.

Eating healthy and exercising certainly help in the long run, but in the short-term, you may try something else. You could get a new outfit. You could get a new haircut.

So … why not give yourself a new and improved smile?

You can have it, and one of the simplest and fastest ways to improve your smile is with teeth whitening. If you live near Columbia, SC, Dr. Doug Forbes and our team at Total Dental Care of South Carolina would be happy to show you what professional whitening could do for your smile and your self-esteem.

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Why Whiten?

You already know that white teeth make your smile look nicer. But you might be wondering how your teeth got so yellow or so dark in the first place.

You might not like the answer: You got older.

We know, it happens to all of us. Every day, you probably ate food and drank a variety of beverages. As a result, every bite and every sip left a little something on your teeth. Over time, those teenie tiny stains grew until one day you could help noticing it.

Maybe you saw it when you compared your smile to one of your friends in a photo. Maybe you noticed something when you were taking a look at your smile in the mirror.

Again, this didn’t happen overnight. It developed gradually, so you probably didn’t notice any changes from day to day. But this is the effects of years of drinking coffee every morning, sipping sweet tea on sunny afternoons, and enjoying some barbecue at a family cookout.

It didn’t happen overnight, but you can undo those effects in as little as one visit to our office.

With our in-office Zoom whitening, you could see a noticeable improvement in the color of your smile in about an hour.

Zoom whitening is done in three 15-minute rounds. After the whitening solution is applied to your teeth, a member of our team with use a special light to help the process. In the end, we’ll offer you a fluoride treatment to reduce tooth sensitivity (which can increase temporarily after a whitening treatment).

Then, you can start showing off your new smile.


Another Option

Zoom is our in-office whitening treatment of choice, but it isn’t the only way to bring back your bright smile.

For patients who prefer to whiten teeth on their own schedule, we offer Opalescence take-home whitening. This is as simple to use as some of the “whitening” products you’ll find in the toothpaste aisle. The difference is that Opalescence is more potent, which means it will do more than to remove deep stains from your smile.

Depending on which option you choose, you may do 30-minute whitening sessions each day for a few weeks or you can whiten your teeth while you sleep.

This may take more time than our in-office whitening, but the end results are pretty similar by the time you are finished.


One More Option

As much as we wish it did, teeth whitening won’t work for everyone.

You may have had previous dental restorations that won’t whiten the same way as natural teeth, leaving you with a spotty white smile. Or you may have discolorations due to accidents, injuries, or side effects of medications.

Since those issues aren’t the results of stain, a stain-lifting teeth whitener won’t do much to revive your “pearly whites.”

You could get veneers, however. Veneers are like fake fingernails for your teeth that could last for years before they need to be replaced.


Get Your Smile in Shape for Summer

Call 803-272-4162 or contact us online today.

Dr. Forbes and our professionals at Total Dental Care of South Carolina want you to look your best when posting your vacation and cookout pics during the months ahead.

Making your appointment for teeth whitening or veneers can help you feel more comfortable every time you do.


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