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Keeping Your Costumed Kid Safe on Halloween Night

  • October 29, 2014

In a couple of days, you and your little ones will wander through the neighborhood collecting treats and having loads of fun. However, in the back of your mind, you are probably wondering what you can do make Halloween night a little easier on your little one’s teeth. We have some tips that will help you accomplish that goal while still having lots of fun!

Drink Plenty of Water – One way to keep your little one’s mouth healthy is to keep it hydrated. While you are out walking, take bottles of water to drink. It will help produce bacteria-fighting saliva, and it will rinse away candy residue!

Limit Candy Intake – This one is tough, but do you best to limit the amount of candy your little one eats. It’s ok to save some of that candy for the weeks to come. Especially avoid things like caramel, fruit chews, and filled suckers.

Floss and Brush Well – At the end of the evening, make sure that you take the time to help your child brush and floss really well! Remove that candy residue, and repeat the process in the morning!

Have a happy Halloween knowing that your child’s smile is safe from extensive damage. Follow these tips, or give us a call if you have others to add! We’d love to help other parents have a safe and wonderful Halloween as well. Have a great night of trick-or-treat fun!


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