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How to Choose A General Dentist

  • February 15, 2020

Choosing a dentist is just as important as choosing a primary care doctor. You are looking for more than just someone to clean your teeth. Given that you should see your dentist twice a year, you want to find someone you can feel comfortable with and depend on to help you maintain your dental health. It’s also important to have a trusted dentist, like our own Dr. Doug Forbes, who you can turn to when you need additional treatment or are experiencing a dental emergency.

There are specific things to keep in mind when looking for a dentist for you or your family. We think you’ll find what you’re looking for here at Total Dental Care in Columbia, SC.

Understand Your Dental Health Benefits

The general dentist you decide to see could be determined by your dental health plan. Dental HMOs limit your choice of dentist to those who are members of the HMO network. If you have a PPO plan, you will want to see a dentist in your network or it could impact your copayment levels.

Ask for Recommendations

Talk to trusted family members, friends, or coworkers about the dentists they see. You can also ask your primary care doctor for a referral. An online search for local members who are members of the American Dental Association (ADA) or the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) will show you which professionals have offices in your area.

Consider Convenience & Accessibility

Chances are, during your search for a dentist, you will be faced with several options. A great way to narrow down your options is to factor in convenience and accessibility. Is the office close to your work or your home? What would the commute to and from the dentist’s office be like?

Also, what are the dentist’s office hours like? Do they schedule appointments early or late enough to suit your needs? Do they have office hours on Saturdays? Within reason, you should be able to find a dental office that is both convenient and accessible.

Meet the Team

Perhaps one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a dentist is how comfortable you feel around the dentist and their staff members. Once you have narrowed down your list of prospective dentists, visit the office and notice your comfort level. Do they seem friendly and experienced? Would you trust them to help you take good care of your teeth?

Also, while meeting with the staff, take time to look around the office. Is it clean, neat, and organized? Would you feel comfortable being treated there?

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