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Get Your Best Smile For Valentine’s Day

  • August 15, 2020

It may seem early to start thinking about Valentine’s Day, which is six months away. If you have dental problems that are keeping you from having your best smile, though, we invite you to visit Dr. Forbes and discuss your options. After all, we want to look our best for ourselves, but we also want that special someone to like how we look too!

Your smile is usually the first thing people notice about you, and it has a big impact on how you’re perceived. Improvements can never hurt when it comes to getting a full, bright smile that makes you look younger, healthier, and even more successful.

It doesn’t matter if you’re missing teeth or just have stained teeth from years of drinking coffee. We may be able to help you get your best smile in Columbia, SC by Valentine’s Day or even well before. It’ll make that day all the more special when you look proudly in the mirror at your smile or bite into that steak dinner with ease!

We hope to be able to see you soon! To request a consultation at Total Dental Care of South Carolina, call 803-272-4162 today. You can also request an appointment online. In the meantime, take our quick quiz to see what shape your smile is in.


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