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Get More From Your Dentures With All-On-4

  • July 15, 2019

Picture yourself sitting down at a new restaurant with your spouse. You wanted to try someplace different for your anniversary.

You’ve never seen the menu, but you have every confidence that you can (1) find something you want to eat and (2) place your order without your “teeth” falling out of your mouth.

If you have traditional dentures, you’ll understand why one or both of those things might be a concern. They don’t have to be if you get All-On-4® implant-supported dentures at Total Dental Care in Columbia, SC.

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Restore More Than Your Smile

Too often, people don’t appreciate what they have until it is gone. That’s certainly the case with teeth, based on the things our patients have said to us. Likewise, many people with traditional dentures come to understand that they are not complete replacements for lost teeth.

Dentures will restore your smile and some of your ability to bite and chew. Even so, dentures can move around, which can make speaking more difficult. Dentures often require adhesives to do the things they are able to do, and that is an added layer of frustration for many patients.

With dental implants to support your dentures, you can have replacement teeth that look, feel, and function practically as well as a full set of healthy, natural teeth. Implant-supported dentures do not require any adhesives. Implants are placed directly in your jawbone (where your roots once were), so they are anchored in place. This provides more stability for your dentures, and it lets you bite and chew with forces nearly equal to someone with all their teeth. For this reason, you can eat anything you would like with implant-supported dentures.

Enjoy The Benefits Sooner

The first modern implants were placed in the 1960s. Since they, people have continued to improve on them, making them even more effective with new technology and techniques.

One of the biggest breakthroughs in restorative care is the All-On-4® procedure. With careful planning, we need just four implants to support your dentures.

The added benefit of this process is that you can leave that same day with a set of replacement teeth. With typical implant placement, you would get your implants. Then, you would wait months for your mouth to recover before you could support dentures.

With All-On-4 (and the related All-On-6 procedure), you can start enjoying the benefits of your new teeth much sooner. You will still need time to recover before you can bite and chew with full strength, but you will notice your bite getting stronger until you receive your permanent dentures.

In the meantime, you’ll be free to smile and speak naturally and confidently.

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Dr. Douglas Forbes has been restoring smile in and around Columbia, SC for decades. The All-On-4 procedure is just one of the ways he can help you rebuild your smile at Total Dental Care.

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