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Get A Whiter Smile Faster With Zoom!

  • February 15, 2016

One day you are looking in the mirror and you realize something looks different. You know you are getting older, but there’s something that you just now noticed.

Your teeth are … yellow. What happened to your pearly whites?

You brush your teeth and you floss (sometimes). You try to go to the dentist, but still, your teeth are just so … yellow.

How did this happen? When did this happen? Why are you just now noticing?

We understand your concern. Our teeth and our smiles are important to us. This is one of the reasons cosmetic dentistry is an essential part of our practice at Total Dental Care of South Carolina.

It’s also why we offer Zoom! teeth whitening in our dentist office for our patients in and around Columbia, SC.

Yellow = Caution

According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, tooth whitening is one of (if not the) most popular cosmetic dental procedures in the United States.

You don’t have to go to a dentist office to know this. You just need to go to the grocery store. The next time you are there, try to count all the different products that claim they can whiten your teeth.

You can get toothpaste or gels or white strips or special mouth rinses. Why? Because so many people want to have a whiter smile.

Some of these products can improve the appearance of your teeth, but you shouldn’t expect too much. While many of them contain the same active ingredients as professional teeth whitening products, like our Zoom! whitening, the concentration is much lower in commercial products.

It’s like the difference between taking half a children’s aspirin or full adult dose of aspirin to treat your headache. Both could work, but you know which one will get rid of your headache faster.

With enough time and persistence, you may see whiter teeth with a commercial product. Or, you can get your white teeth faster with professional whitening at Total Dental Care of South Carolina.

Why Your Teeth Are Yellow

A lot of things can cause our teeth to change colors, although some yellowing is inevitable.

As we get older, we know that our bodies wear down. Aches and pains happen more regularly, and we need more time to recover after physical activity.

Your teeth are no different. The longer you live, the more likely your teeth will lose their pearly white quality.

That said, there are things that cause staining to happen more rapidly. Here are a few things to consider.

  • Do you smoke or use other tobacco products?

Cigarettes contain nicotine and tar, both of which can cause your teeth to change colors (in addition to a myriad of health problems). If you smoke, dip, or chew, then you shouldn’t be surprised if your teeth show the evidence of your habit.

  • Do you drink coffee or tea?

Both of these drinks are popular throughout the United States. The more you consume, the more likely you will see stains on your teeth.

  • Do you drink soft drinks or sports drinks?

Just like coffee and tea, these sugary beverages can affect the appearance of your teeth. Drinking more water will help your recover without risking more damage to your smile.

Wine, pasta sauces, soy sauce, even some healthy foods like berries can leave a mark on your teeth.

You can’t stop the staining completely, but you may be able to slow it down by rinsing with water when you consume these stain-causing foods and drinks.

The Power Of Professional Teeth Whitening

With commercial whitening products, it may take weeks or months before your notice some changes in the appearance of your teeth.

With Zoom! whitening, you could see a dramatically whiter smile in one visit to our office.

Before we begin, we will examine your teeth and gums to make sure they are healthy enough to undergo a whitening treatment. If they are, we will start by cleaning your teeth. We then will apply a protective gel over your gums.

When everything is ready, we will apply the Zoom! gel to your teeth. We will expose your gel to a special light for about 45 minutes (in three 15-minute intervals). When you are finished, we will apply fluoride to your teeth to reduce any sensitivity you may feel.

When you look in the mirror, we are confident that you will see a whiter, brighter smile than when you walked in.

Let Your Smile Shine

If you want visibly whiter teeth in one day, then you need to call Total Dental Care of South Carolina and ask about our Zoom! teeth whitening.

Fill out our online form or call 803-272-4162 to make an appointment at our dentist office in Columbia, SC.


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