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Get A Better Smile Without The Heavy Metal Look

  • November 8, 2015

Get A Better Smile Without The Heavy Metal Look

Welcome back to the Total Dental Care of South Carolina blog!

We hope that you and your family survived last month’s historic flooding without too much personal loss or damage. That was such a crazy, disruptive experience for all of us! Thank goodness it’s over, except for picking up the pieces and rebuilding, of course.

Now that November is here, maybe we should pause and give thanks for all the good things in our lives. There is so much we have to be grateful for.

Then again, with the year coming to a close (we are only weeks away from 2016), maybe we should also think about the sort of things that we could do to make our lives better.

For instance, wouldn’t it be nice to finally address those bothersome aspects of your smile? We’re talking about confronting the things that make you cringe when you go around mirrors or the cameras come out. And those awful feeling of self-consciousness that consume you in social settings.

Trust us, we’ve seen it all before. No matter what you are dealing with, your Columbia, SC dentist can help you get a better smile fast. In our office on St. Andrews Road, we have lots of great cosmetic dentistry treatments, and we also offer adult orthodontics.

Yes, we said orthodontics, as in braces. But we aren’t talking about giving you a look that screams metal while you are undergoing treatment.

In fact, we can suggest two fantastic treatments today that will effectively straighten out the situation in your mouth without drawing any unwanted attention to your face or making you feel like you are back in school being judged by your oft-times cruel peers.

ClearCorrect Braces

That is correct, these braces are clear!

Actually they aren’t really braces at all.

ClearCorrect braces are a non-traditional method that employs a series of clear plastic aligners for realigning the teeth of both teenagers and older adults. The experience is more akin to wearing a mouthguard than to enduring the braces we all saw in action during high school.

This is a really easy way to get a better smile.

Basically, after the initial impressions are made of your mouth, you will receive your custom-made collection of aligners. Each set will be worn for about three weeks and replaced with the next set in the series until your teeth are exactly where we want them to be.

Treatment time is usually only about one year on average, but it may vary depending on the severity of your issues. Regardless, it will be a comfortable experience from start to finish.

ClearCorrect braces are great for fixing overcrowded teeth, gapped teeth, bite problems and rotated teeth.

Come see if they are the right solution for you!

Six Month Smiles

The Six-Month Smiles system is wonderful for treating most mild misalignment cases.

Six-Month Smiles are actually braces but they are nearly invisible and rely on the latest innovations in dentistry to move your stubborn teeth quickly.

The clear brackets and tooth-colored titanium wires work just like metal braces, but are not as much of an eye sore. Really, with these, no one will have to know about the transformation unfolding in your mouth.

This system uses gentle force and different shaped equipment to align only the teeth that are visible when you smile. Pretty smart, right?

Since we are focused on your smile’s appearance rather than on correcting bite problems, treatment can be completed in a matter of months, hence the name.

Your Columbia, SC dentist will first examine your mouth and take impressions to design custom wires and brackets. After getting fitted with your short-term braces, you’ll have to visit us every month or so to make sure you stay on track.

Other than that, you just sit back and let them do their job. And in about six months, you’ll definitely have something to smile about!

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