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Gain Your Freedom From Ill-Fitting Dentures

  • July 1, 2021

We bet you are looking forward to July Fourth this year as much as we are! There are a lot of family members and friends we’ll be catching up with. We hope you’re able to spend some quality time with those you love most.

Even if you’re planning a cookout or potluck for Independence Day, you can’t fully enjoy this day of celebration – or any day, for that matter – to the fullest extent if you have ill-fitting dentures. Bad dentures interfere with every aspect of life. 

  • You can’t smile with complete confidence. 
  • You can’t enjoy the same food as everyone else, or even eat around others without worrying. 
  • You can’t even have a conversation and laugh loudly without worrying you’ll sound funny or that your teeth will move. 
  • You can’t go to a meeting at work without thinking about your teeth.
  • You can’t go to bed at night without first taking out your dentures to soak.

Dental implants solve all those problems and far more. They are intended to be a lifetime solution to ill-fitting dentures.

Take this two-minute quiz to see if our implants in Columbia can help you celebrate life fully. Then request a consultation at Total Dental Care of South Carolina to discuss the possibility of saying goodbye to your ill-fitting dentures. Call Dr. Forbes at 803-272-4162 now, or request your consultation online.


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