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Fun Fact: Swimmers’ Calculus Is Not A Poolside Math Class

  • July 16, 2015

Fun Fact: Swimmers’ Calculus Is Not A Poolside Math Class

If you and your family like to beat the South Carolina heat with a daily dip, you might start to notice a buildup of yellow or brown deposits on your teeth. This dental health issue occurs because, over the course of the summer, your mouth will inevitably be exposed to water that has been treated with chemicals that help maintain public safety (see poolside tips #1 & #2!).

Any of our Total Dental Care doctors will tell you that there is a reasonable explanation for what exposure to these chemicals does to to your teeth. Simply put, these additives cause the protein in your saliva to break down rapidly which in turn leads to the formations and discolorations commonly known as Swimmers’ Calculus.

But the good news is that Total Dental Care of South Carolina offers solutions to Swimmers’ Calculus that don’t involve elaborate mathematical theorems. And our priority is helping you get a better smile. You never have to be embarrassed about the condition of your mouth or the state of your finances when you walk through the doors of our newly remodeled office.

Our easy, pain-free solutions for Swimmers’ Calculus include:

A Professional Dental Cleaning: We can quickly schedule you for this important basic treatment option.

Zoom! Teeth Whitening: This method employs a super-strength whitening gel that gets applied right at our Toatl Dental facilities in Columbia. A highly effective in and out service, in less than one hour you will leave with bright, smiling teeth.

Your South Carolina Zoom Room

Like all of our dental care solutions, the Zoom! Teeth Whitening procedure is safe, extremely effective and creates long-lasting results in your mouth. In addition to Swimmers’ calculus, Zoom! Teeth Whitening is recommended for teeth discoloration caused by the natural effects of aging, habitual tobacco smoking, excessive use of fluoride, and a wide array of stain-inducing food and beverages.

After an initial consultation, our Total Dental Care team will assess if there is any tooth decay or gum disease present in your mouth, because these will necessarily be treated first.

Your teeth will then be thoroughly cleaned by our hygienists and your gums are covered with a protective gel. Peroxide is then applied, and your teeth are exposed to the Zoom! lamp in three blasts (totalling about 45 minutes). After Zoom! Teeth Whitening, fluoride is applied to minimize the risk of sensitivity.

Other Poolside Tips

At Total Dental Care of South Carolina we understand that, regardless of the season, oral health is intimately related to your overall health and wellness. So, the caring staff at our Columbia office has compiled a list of 10 poolside tips for you and your family to consider:

#1 Make sure that the chlorination levels in your pool of choice are where they need to be for safety. With lots of people coming and going, viruses are easily spread.

#2 Don’t drink the pool water and, whenever possible, avoid getting it in your mouth. Not only is it unsafe, it is bad for your teeth.

#3 Keep yourself sufficiently hydrated with bottled water.

#4 Pack healthful food items for snacking.

#5 Try to avoid sugary drinks such as soda).

#6 Apply (and re-apply) sunscreen throughout the course of the day.

#7 Take your kids on regular bathroom breaks.

#8 Never let children swim alone.

#9 Always remember that inflatable toys and floaties are not designed to be life preservers.

#10 Be aware of depth levels especially when jumping or diving into the pool.

Bonus Tip: To minimize the risk of chipping or breaking any teeth, pay attention to the pool’s side walls, stairs, in relation to where you are swimming. And never run on wet concrete.

To hear more about our summer whitening solutions, contact a member of our administrative team at our Columbia, SC office today.

Till next time, keep on smiling!


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