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Feel Grateful After Full-Mouth Reconstruction

  • November 1, 2019

You are a little worried.

You aren’t happy with your dentures because they seem to move around far too easily. Speaking can be a challenge at times. Eating is even worse.

And with Thanksgiving approaching fast, you would probably like to be able to enjoy the meal (and hopefully visiting with family and friends as well).

You may not have time to do anything big before this year’s holiday season, but you can do something that will make future food-filled festivities more fun. You can visit Total Dental Care in Columbia, SC for full-mouth reconstruction.

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Feel Like Yourself Again

Losing teeth can be a traumatic experience regardless of how it happens. When you lose your smile, it doesn’t just affect you physically. It also can have an emotional impact on your life.

We have met several patients who seemed discouraged by their tooth loss. This didn’t just mean that they could no longer eat their favorite foods. It means they felt uncomfortable smiling for pictures or even speaking when meeting new people. That changed how they interacted with people in their daily lives, too.

You should never feel like you have to hide your smile. You should feel free to speak with the people in your life, and you should be able to eat the foods that you love.

With the advances in modern restorative dental care, you can feel like you have a full set of healthy, natural teeth again, whether you are missing one tooth or a full arch of teeth.

Root-form dental implants have given millions of people, including many of our patients, a new reason to smile. This service can have lifelong benefits, so you can feel confident in putting anything you would like on your plate, speaking up when you have something to say, or smiling for a picture for a social media post.

Replace What’s Missing

Implants have been a game-changer in modern dentistry. Implants were developed to replace the roots of lost teeth. Thanks to a process called osseointegration, your implants effectively act like artificial roots.

You may not see your implants, but their effects are what matter. Implants are placed directly in your jawbone. The bone bonds to the implants to keep it secure in your mouth. That makes a series of implants into a stable support system for dentures and bridges.

This also allows you to put more power into every bite and chew. That’s why people with implants can feel comfortable biting into carrots, corn on the cob, apples, and practically anything else you would want to eat.

And with the All-on-4™ implant-placement procedure, it’s even possible to get implants and a set of temporary replacement teeth on the same day. You will still need time to heal before you can enjoy the full benefits of this restorative treatment if you choose this option, but you can leave with a complete smile when you get your implants.

Revive Your Smile & More

When you feel confident that your new teeth won’t slip and slide in your mouth, you feel more like yourself again. We’ve seen what full-mouth reconstruction can do many times at Total Dental Care. Call 803-272-4162 today or contact us online if you are ready to rebuild more than just your smile.


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