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Do You Brush After Breakfast? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t

  • May 1, 2023

What’s your morning oral care routine? Do you wake up and brush right away? Or do you eat breakfast and have coffee first? If your routine looks more like the latter, you may want to change it up. When you brush after breakfast, you are actually putting your oral health at risk. 

Today, we’ll be talking about why that is and how to optimize your routine.

Why You Should Brush Your Teeth First Thing in the Morning

No one wants toothpaste flavor in their mouth before enjoying a glass of orange juice. However, that may be the best thing for your smile. Your mouth is teeming with bacteria when you first wake up. It’s what gives you that morning breath smell. 

When you brush before you eat, you eliminate that bacteria, so it doesn’t combine with the carbs, acid, and sugar in your breakfast. If you don’t, that combination can lead to an increased risk of cavities. Plus, brushing immediately gets your saliva production flowing, which helps you process and digest food.

Ways to Improve Your Morning Oral Care Routine

With that in mind, we wanted to share a few tips for you to remember when brushing your teeth:

  • Brush for at least two minutes. Most people don’t brush their teeth for that long, unfortunately. But this is the recommended length by the American Dental Association. It gets rid of the plaque that has built up on your teeth.
  • Angle the brush towards your gums. Don’t forget your gums when you brush! Your toothbrush should be at a 45-degree angle. This eliminates the bacteria that is near your gumline.
  • Make circular motions. You don’t want to brush your teeth like you are filing a nail. Instead, make gentle, circular motions. 
  • Change your toothbrush every three to four months. Don’t let your toothbrush linger around for a year. Get a new one regularly.

If you insist on brushing your teeth after breakfast, wait at least 30 minutes. Your teeth will have a chance to remineralize and become stronger. 

Wondering how your oral care routine is impacting your smile? Come in for a dental checkup! We’ll thorough clean your teeth and reach all those places you can’t get to on your own. Plus, we’ll do an exam of your mouth. Spotting gum disease or cavities in the early stages make for easier treatments. 

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