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Dental Implants Improve Teeth Replacements

  • April 1, 2019

It’s been a few years since these childhood friends have gotten together. They’ve kept in touch over the years, but they haven’t seen each other in person in, well, longer than they would like.

They are getting together this evening for a meal at a new restaurant. It’s near the neighborhood where they grew up. The thing is both of them have lost several teeth since their teenage adventures.

For one of them, dining out is the adventure now. Loose-fitting dentures make eating a bit of a challenge for her.

The other one is looking forward to eating a delicious meal. This friend got dental implants when she lost her teeth. As a result, her replacements work practically as well as her real teeth did when they were healthy.

Which of these friends would you rather be?

If you said the second one, then you should visit our Columbia, SC dental office to find out more about implants. Call Total Dental Care at 803-272-4162 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Doug Forbes.

Eat, Smile, & Speak Naturally

Like the second women in our scenario above, you would probably like to have replacement teeth that let you eat anything without worry.

As people with dentures learn one way or another, eating with traditional dentures is not like eating with your real teeth. Dentures move around. That makes biting and chewing more difficult. This can change what you are able to eat … or at least what you are willing to eat.

Plus, the denture adhesives meant to help keep your dentures in place are likely to become less effective over time. Even when they work, some have an aftertaste that can interfere with the flavor of your food.

Smiling can be okay with dentures, as long as they don’t move around. That’s also why talking can be tricky. Practically every one of our patients with traditional dentures has stories about their dentures flopping around — or even falling out — when they were telling a story, having a conversation, or addressing a group of people.

By getting implants, you are getting more. You are getting replacements for the roots of your lost teeth. Like roots, implants are embedded in your jawbone. That holds them securely in place. This also means they can keep your dentures secure and stable.

The practical benefit is that your dentures won’t slide around when you are talking. Your smile will appear natural. And you can eat anything you want comfortably and confidently. Whether you want an apple, steak cooked just the way you like it, or piece of pecan pie, you will be able to eat and enjoy it.

Count On Our Experience

Dr. Forbes has been helping patients in and around Columbia, SC for decades. He will be happy to answer any questions you might have about dental implants. We also can examine your mouth to help you find out if you are a good candidate for this service.

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