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Cosmetic Solutions For Your Smile

  • October 11, 2015

Cosmetic Solutions For Your Smile

Welcome back to our oral health blog!

Fall is here, and people are out and about throughout our community enjoying the season. You’ll see them walking through Riverfront Park, taking in the Botanical Gardens, or cheering on the Gamecocks football team. And no matter where you go, these people are smiling, because life is good here in Columbia, South Carolina.

At Total Dental Care of South Carolina, we know that some of you might feel more like hiding your smile rather than sharing it with the world. It is easy to feel embarrassed or self-conscious when you are less than elated about your look.

But our team tries to make it easy for you to turn things around by offering a complete line of cosmetic dentistry solutions in our office on St. Andrews Road.

You Have To Want To Change Your Life

The first decision you will have to make is whether or not you want to forever change your life for the better.

We realize that may sound melodramatic.

Just don’t underestimate how much having a beautiful smile will change your life.

Taking the steps to improve your smile will no doubt boost your confidence level, and change the way others perceive you from here on out. Whether you realize it or not, these things really do impact your success in both your professional and private lives.

Once you’ve decided that you want a better life and a healthier, happier smile, you can begin the process with a consultation in our Columbia, SC dental office.

Your Columbia Cosmetic Consultation

We are one of the few dental offices in Columbia, SC that offers a true cosmetic consultation. This is because we want you to have reasonable expectations and to have full knowledge of the timetables, costs, and intended results of each procedure.

We will work together during your initial visit to determine what best fits your current needs and budget.

Below we have an outline of some of the things we will touch on during your appointment.

What Do You Like And What Do You Want to Change?
This seems obvious, but you will definitely need to reflect upon which aspects of your smile are worth keeping and what could stand to be improved upon.

We know that when you are generally dissatisfied, it can sometimes be difficult to narrow down the specific problems, which is why we like to talk about it.

Once we determine the problems, we can get to work on the solutions.

Cosmetic Solutions At Total Dental Care Of South Carolina

Once you have an idea of what you should change about your smile, we will decide on the cosmetic solutions that make the most sense.

Some of our popular services include:


We offer dentist-guided teeth whitening right here in the office through a safe and effective process.

Unlike with over-the-counter kits, with our procedure, your teeth will improve dramatically in color without risking the health of your gums.


Veneers can work a lot of magic in our office.

We use them to solve (or at least cover up) all sorts of dental issues including chipped teeth, stained teeth, oddly shaped teeth, and uneven teeth.

Veneers fit over your teeth to give you a radiant new smile.

Short-term Adult Orthodontics

Crooked, crowded, or gapped teeth are problems that used to take 2-3 very difficult years to correct in adults.

But, times have changed, and new short-term orthodontic options make the process much easier for our Columbia, SC patients.

What’s more, we even offer braces that are nearly invisible in your mouth, making your orthodontic treatment the most comfortable and discreet improvement you could make.

Plus, the results are stunning.

Schedule Your Appointment Today!

We have plenty of good options for your smile, including the ones outlined above.

Start thinking about what you want out of cosmetic dentistry and contact us today to set up your cosmetic consultation.

Don’t put it off, you deserve a better smile now!


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