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Comprehensive TMD Treatments

  • May 1, 2014

Temporomandibular dysfunction, also known as TMD, is a disorder that causes head and neck pain. It can be difficult to determine the cause of TMD, as it varies from one patient to another. It can be caused indirectly by arthritis, which inflames the temporomandibular joints. Excessive clenching and grinding of the teeth also causes TMD. Physical trauma to the head can dislocate the joints and result in TMD.

Whichever the cause, TMD has the following symptoms: pain in the jaw area, pain in the ear, ears that won’t pop, limited capacity to open the mouth, pain in the cheeks, clicking sounds when you eat, toothache and headache. There are also links between TMD and other conditions like sinus issues and sleep apnea.

If you experience a combination of any of these symptoms, you might have to set an appointment with your South Carolina dentist to have your teeth, mouth, and jaw examined.

During the appointment, the dentist will screen you for TMD. This involves MRI, CT scans and x-rays to help determine the problem and rule out other possible conditions. The dentist will also ask for your medical history. He will also conduct a physical examination.

Depending on the severity and recurrence of your TMD, the dentist will recommend conservative or invasive treatment, as well as a combination of therapies to address the underlying problem. Extreme cases of TMD often necessitate surgery. Conservative remedies, on the other hand, include lifestyle changes and stress management. These are often the first line of treatment for TMD, with professionals turning to surgery as a last resort.

If your TMD is being caused by chronic bruxism, your South Carolina dentist will advise you to wear a mouth guard whenever you sleep to prevent your teeth from making contact. If your arthritis is the root cause of your TMD, the dentist will advise you to keep the condition manageable, or to seek treatment if you haven’t.

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