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CEREC Saves Your From This Experience

  • October 6, 2014

CEREC is cool, there’s no doubt about that, but CEREC is worth more than cool points. We sometimes hear from patients who want to know what makes CEREC better for them, the patient, so we have a story to tell you today. It is a true story that happens more than anyone would care to admit. We’ll look at what happened, and then discuss how CEREC would have changed the situation.

A woman needed a crown, so she went to her dental office to have her tooth prepared, impressions taken, and a temporary crown placed. When she went back a few weeks later, they discovered that her newly made crown did not fit. New impressions were taken, and she went home to wait. On the Friday night of a holiday weekend, her temporary crown broke, requiring her to go back to the office the next week. When her crown finally came in, she went back only to find out that her tooth was infected, requiring a root canal before her crown could be placed.

How CEREC Changes the Story

If this patient had access to CEREC, the story would have ended in one day. Even if CEREC made a mistake in the size of the crown, it could be remade immediately to protect that patient from an infected tooth resulting in the root canal. At the end of the day, this patient would have been much more at ease with a comfortable procedure that completed the task completely without the risk of further damage from waiting weeks on end!

If you think CEREC is just a cool toy we have to be “cutting-edge,” you are missing some of the wonderful work CEREC can accomplish. Contact us to learn more about how CEREC can benefit you, and let us get to work on your smile soon! We can’t wait to see you with a happier, healthier smile!


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