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CEREC Crowns Are Fast, Effective | Columbia, SC

  • December 17, 2015

We’ve all heard that patience is a virtue, but most of us aren’t as patient as we would like to be.

When we want something, we want it as soon as possible … not weeks from now.

That’s true for dental care, too. If you need a dental crown (and we’ll explain why you might in a moment), you would probably prefer to make one trip to the dentist to get it.  You can, with CEREC crowns at Total Dental Care of South Carolina in Columbia.

Why you might need a dental crown

Regardless of whether you get a CEREC one-day crown or another kind of dental crown, your reasons for needing or wanting a crown are the same. Crowns can repair your smile and restore your self-confidence.

Many people who have problems with their teeth become too embarrassed to smile.You don’t have to be ashamed of your teeth. A porcelain crown looks like a real tooth and acts like one, too.

Here are a some reasons you may choose to get a dental crown:

  • Decayed teeth – Tooth decay can weaken the structure of your tooth. You may have noticed that you can’t bite as strongly when you have a weak tooth. You also may have more difficulty chewing certain foods.

This can make meals seem less enjoyable and affect your quality of life. A dental crown can be used to replace your natural crown. This will allow you to bite and chew with the same power you did before.

  • Discolored teeth – Tooth decay may change the color of your “pearly whites.” Decayed teeth can appear yellow or have dark brown or black spots. In any case, they stand out next to your remaining white teeth.

A dental crown can help with this issue by restoring your tooth to a more natural color. We can shade your crown to blend in perfectly with your real teeth.

  • Broken, chipped, or misshapen teeth – If you’ve lost part of your tooth, it can look awkward in comparison to the teeth around it. In other cases, you may just have a tooth that did not form correctly or looks out of place in your mouth.

A dental crown can restore the original look of a chipped or broken tooth and give you teeth a more uniform appearance.

  • Root canal — If you need a root canal treatment, we will remove the infected pulp from inside your tooth. After filling your tooth, a dental crown is a good way to seal the tooth to protect it from future infections.
  • Missing teeth – If you lose a tooth as a result of decay or an accident, we can place a dental crown on a dental implant to fill in the gap in your mouth. The same is true is your tooth needs to be removed as a result of tooth decay.

Dental crown in one day

Dental crowns can be made of metal, porcelain fused to metal, all porcelain, or resin. The last three types of crowns can all be made to look just like real teeth. The last two kinds may be good options for anyone, but they particularly good for patients who have a metal allergy.

The all-porcelain crowns combine durability with our ability to make them for you in one day right here in our dentist office in Columbia.

With most dental crowns, we will reshape your tooth. This involves removing the portion that has been damaged as a result of an accident or because of tooth decay. As long as the remaining tooth is healthy, we will form it into an abutment, which is where we will place your dental crown.

Metal, porcelain-on-metal, and resin crowns will need to be ordered from a dental laboratory. Depending on how busy the lab is and how busy the dentist office is, it could take days or weeks before your dental crown is ready.

You won’t have to wait nearly that long with our all-porcelain CEREC crowns. We make CEREC crowns in our office, which is why we bond them to your teeth on the same day.

If you need a dental crown, you can pick any option. The biggest difference is whether you want your dental crown procedures to take place in one day or on two days that could be weeks apart.

Get in, get your crown, get out

Living with a missing or weak tooth affects your ability to eat, and it may affect your confidence. Get back both in less time with CEREC one-day crowns.

If you live in or near Columbia, contact our dentist at Total Dental Care of South Carolina to make an appointment or for a consultation. Call our office at 803-272-4162 or use our online form to schedule your visit.


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