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Benefits of Same-day Dentistry

  • July 1, 2014

In the past, tooth restoration usually takes several trips to the clinic. You need to spend long hours in the dental office and travel back and forth for fitting and adjustments. Thanks to the technology of CEramic REConstruction or simply called CEREC, your South Carolina dentist can now provide you with same-day dentistry. Many patients benefit from this innovative approach.

Single visit

Multiple appointments are rolled into one. This saves time allowing you to do other tasks. You don’t need to take a long vacation from your work. Instead, just take a short break from your busy schedule, come in to the office, and leave the same day with fully functional teeth.

Quick and Easy treatment

With the use of CEREC crowns, restoration of your damaged teeth is quick and easy. Your dentist can easily prepare your teeth, design your crowns, and place them in one day.

Convenient and comfortable

It’s your Columbia SC dentist’s goal to give you a convenient and comfortable treatment from the start to finish. You’ll receive a local anesthetic before the tooth preparation to make you at ease during the procedure. Instead of the traditional impression material, your dentist uses digital scanner to capture images of your teeth. You don’t need to wear temporaries because you’ll just wait for a few minutes for the fabrication and placement of your crowns.

Impressive results

Crowns milled from CEREC machines look natural, match the color and appearance of your teeth, and fit comfortably in your mouth. Additionally, it’s safe to use because the materials are free from mercury and other toxic substance.

Solution to various dental problems

CEREC crowns helps protect weak teeth, restore cracked or broken teeth, cover a dental implant, hold a dental bridge, and modify the appearance of your pearly whites.

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