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Be Ready To Act In A Dental Emergency

  • January 3, 2016

The pain is terrible. You’ve tried ignoring it. You’ve tried eating softer foods, but the pain just keeps getting worse.

At this point, your problem may have turned into something more serious, and you may be in need of emergency dental care. Where will you go? Who should you call?

If you live in or near Columbia, SC, then you should call the dentist at Total Dental Care of South Carolina at 803-272-4162.

Toothaches don’t usually go away on their own, especially if they are the result of an infected tooth. This is all the more reason to visit our office as soon as you can to alleviate the pain and prevent the infection from spreading to other parts of your mouth.

Emergency Care When You Need It

If you or someone you love is experiencing a dental emergency, you don’t want help on Monday or tomorrow. You want help as soon as possible.

Dr. Forbes will do everything that he can to see that you receive help as soon as possible.

How quickly you are treated can make a big difference in what treatment options are available in your situation. No matter what the problem is, however, we will be able to do something to address the problem. Once that is under control, we can discuss how to restore your mouth and your smile to their original condition.

Kinds Of Dental Emergencies

What is a dental emergency? It could stem from a toothache like the one described above, or it may be the result of traumatic injury.

Where to go and who to call is only part of what you need to know during a dental emergency. You also want to know what kind of dental “first aid” can be done to get the problem under control until you can see the dentist.

Here are some examples starting with the one mentioned at the start of our post:

> Toothache – Teeth should not hurt. Teeth should not cause pain. This means something is wrong if they do.

Before you assume the problem is a tooth infection, start by getting some dental floss. Use it to try to remove anything that might be stuck between your teeth and gums. Sometimes this is all it takes.

If that doesn’t help or there is nothing to remove, then you do need to call us right away. An infected tooth may require a root canal treatment to alleviate your pain.

You can take a pain reliever or apply an ice pack near the infected tooth to numb it and reduce swelling. You should NOT hold aspirin against your gums, however. This can cause burns on the soft tissues of your mouth, which is a different problem that you would rather not have.

> Broken tooth – Accidents, injuries, collisions, and falls can cause you to lose part of a tooth.

If possible find the piece and bring it with you. You may need to rinse your mouth with warm water to remove blood. If the bleeding continues, hold a piece of gauze on the affected area.

Again, you can take a pain reliever if needed or use an ice pack to numb the pain and reduce swelling.

It’s also important that you cover the broken tooth. It may have a sharp edge that could cut your tongue, lips, or cheeks. You can use gauze or get some dental wax to cover the tooth until Dr. Forbes is able to see you.

The treatment for this kind of injury will depend on the severity and depth of the break.

> Lost tooth – If the collision or injury is bad enough, it may knock on or more of your teeth out.

Find any missing teeth, and pick them up by the crown. Rinse the teeth as soon as possible to remove blood and dirt. You should rinse your mouth for the same reason. Soak up any blood if you continue bleeding.

Sometimes, you may be able to place the missing tooth back in its socket. If it will stay, leave it there until you can see us. If it won’t stay, then you will want to keep it moist by storing it in a container with milk.

Call Quickly To Get Help Faster

If you or someone you love ever needs emergency dental care, remember to follow the steps mentioned above.

Then call Total Dental Care of South Carolina at 803-272-4162, where a member of our staff will help you determine if you need immediate care.


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