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A Sedation Method for Every Anxiety Level

  • January 22, 2014

Sedation dentistry involves the use of sedative drugs to relax and calm down a patient prior to a dental procedure. While there are certain sedatives that are fairly mild, with just a simple increase in the dosage, it can induce deep sleep that can put a patient down even hours after the treatment has been finished. That’s why it’s important that a patient who’ll need to be sedated has to have a dentist with special training in sedation dentistry.

Columbia SC dental clinic Total Dental Care of South Carolina under Dr. Doug Forbes provides sedation dentistry that’s properly managed either with the use of oral sedatives, through inhalation (laughing gas), or with an I.V. or intravenous drip. Dr. Forbes has undergone years of additional training in order to provide sedation dentistry services to his patients, especially to those who have dental fears and anxieties.

Depending on your anxiety level and the length of the dental procedure you’re supposed to undergo, Dr. Forbes will recommend either mild sedation using laughing gas (nitrous oxide) or an oral sedative pill. Should the sedation need to be intensified from mild to moderate, the dosage of the pill can be increased, but it will take some additional time for it to be absorbed into the bloodstream. If you are not afraid of needles, the sedative drug can be injected in the veins for an immediate effect through which the dosage can be easily adjusted as well. For extremely fearful or phobic patients, deep sedation by general anesthesia will make the person unconscious until the drug wears off.

Having all sedation techniques under one roof is very convenient, which is how dental appointments are done at Total Dental Care of South Carolina. Contact 803-272-4162 to book a consultation with Dr. Forbes today.


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