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A Good Time To Share Your Sunny Side

  • July 1, 2016

There’s an old saying that the best time to fix a roof is when the sun is shining. In a similar fashion, the sunniest time of year can be a perfect time to fix your smile.

Summer is wonderful for a lot of reasons. We have more daylight to get together with our family and friends, and those are more reasons to take pictures, too.

So why not have the best-looking smile that you can have in those photos? The benefits of cosmetic dentistry will last long after those pictures are taken and posted to social media.

Total Dental Care of South Carolina has many services that can improve the appearance of your smile.

If you live in or near Columbia, let us show you what we could do for you.

Look Brighter

Following the American Dental Association guidelines to brush your teeth twice a day and to floss between your teeth every day will help to keep your mouth healthy.

It may slow the progress of stains on your teeth, but that’s not going to stop it completely. The more meals we eat, the more glasses of tea we drink, and the more cups of coffee we sip all add a little something to our teeth. Your teeth can be healthy yet still look yellow or discolored.

The fastest way to fix this particular problem is with professional teeth whitening. With Zoom! whitening products, we can remove years of built-up stains in about an hour at our office. After applying the peroxide solution to your teeth, we expose it to a special light that speeds up the whitening process.

If you would rather whitening your teeth on your own schedule, we offer Opalescence teeth whitening products for you to take home. You won’t see results as quickly with this DIY teeth whitening approach, but you will see a difference as long as you use the products as directed.

Teeth whitening is effective on a variety of food and tobacco stains, although we would recommend making the effort to quit using tobacco products for the sake of your smile.

Repairing Wear And Tear

Our teeth do a lot for us. We use them to bite and chew our food, and even though we shouldn’t do this, we use our teeth to open things.

All that use can take a toll on our teeth. Over time, a few or many of your teeth may become worn down as a result of your biting and chewing patterns.

How can you fix this? We have a couple solutions that might work.

If you have just a one or a few teeth that need to be repaired, you may be able to get them back in shape with a same-day CEREC dental crown or dental bonding. Either of these treatments may give you back the smile that you’ve been missing.

If you have more extensive wear across several teeth, a simple way to fix all of them at the same time is by getting a set of dental veneers.

Veneers are bonded to the front of your teeth. Each set is custom-made for the patient who is receiving them. Veneers can give you the appearance of a perfect smile, including one that is as white and bright as you want it to be.

Be More Revealing

Not every problem people have with their smiles requires making changes to their teeth. For people with gummy smiles, the issue isn’t what their teeth look like. It’s how much, or rather how little, of their teeth can be seen.

If your teeth did not erupt as much as the average person, your gums may be the predominant feature when you grin. To change this, we can perform a procedure called crown lengthening. This is a bit of a misnomer because we aren’t actually making your teeth bigger. Instead, we are removing gum tissue so more of your teeth can be seen.

A similar procedure called gum reshaping is done for patients who may have more gum tissue than the average person.

This excess tissue affects how your lips part and how much of your teeth are visible. Again, removing some of the gums will make your teeth much more visible, which can make your smile more attractive.

Keep On The Sunny Side

There’s a reason we say that a friendly person has a sunny disposition. Part of that is because friendly people smile so often.

And when you like the way your teeth look, you are more likely to smile.

We want every patient at Total Dental Care of South Carolina to look and feel good about their smiles.

Let us help you with our cosmetic dentistry if you live in or near Columbia, SC. Call 803-272-4162 today or make your appointment online.


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