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A Filling that Blends

  • August 8, 2014

Do you ever look at the fillings in your mouth and feel like maybe a bomb went off and you’re just left with the shrapnel in your teeth? Dark gray or black fillings definitely have a way of drawing attention, and it’s no wonder. The dark color against the white of your teeth creates pretty conspicuous dental work. At Total Dental Care, we want our patients to get the work they need without feeling like the whole world can see it! That’s why we use tooth-colored fillings in our office.

Dentists have used lots of different materials for fillings over the years. The most common is the amalgam filling. It is a mixture of materials, like silver and mercury, that is very strong and durable as a filling. It is also fairly inexpensive. However, we are now finding out that the mercury from the filling can actually seep into your body and cause damage. We also now know that large amalgam fillings weaken teeth over time, leading to more issues down the road.

Composite Fillings

We use superior materials in our office so that you have a smile you are proud to show off! Composite fillings will match the shade of your teeth, so there’s nothing to draw the attention of those around you. To place a composite takes a few more minutes than an amalgam filling because we layer the material into the cavity and allow it to dry after each layer. We then shape the filling to match the rest of your tooth and buff it to make sure you have a smooth tooth surface.

A composite filling is much better for your health and for the health of your tooth. If you have a cavity, this is the way to get it taken care of! Don’t put more shrapnel in your mouth. Contact us today to set up an appointment for a cleaning and exam. If we need to do a filling, we’ll reach for the composite resin, and you’ll be glad we did!


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