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4 Ways a Sleep Apnea Mouthguard Beats a CPAP

  • June 15, 2022

Snoring does more than bother your bed partner. It may be a sign you have sleep apnea, a disorder that affects how your breathe throughout the night. In addition to robbing you of rest, it has been linked to serious health problems like high blood pressure. While a CPAP is sometimes prescribed to treat it, many of our patients prefer a sleep apnea mouthguard.

Both a CPAP and a mouthguard work by clearing your airway while you slumber. The CPAP does it with a stream of pressurized air you inhale through a mask worn over your face. The mouthguard simply moves your jaw into a position that keeps the airway open. Both methods allow you to get a full night’s sleep without the frequent interruptions of breathing caused by sleep apnea. 

To see if you’d benefit from sleep apnea treatment, call 803-272-4162 today to schedule a consultation in our Columbia, SC office. In the meantime, see why many patients prefer a mouthguard vs. a CPAP:

  • Keeps You More Comfortable – Your face will be partially obstructed by a mask with a CPAP. As you can imagine, it’s not exactly comfortable. With its constant stream of air, it also dries out your mouth and throat. An apnea mouthguard fits easily in your mouth, much like one worn for sports. And it won’t leave you feeling parched. 
  • Won’t Distract You or Your Bed Partner – In addition to its mask and tubing, a CPAP makes noise that may disturb light sleepers. A mouthguard is so unobtrusive that your bed partner may not even notice it. 
  • Can Carry It Anywhere – Due to its small size, you can slip your sleep mouthguard into a pocket or purse. That means you can take it with you and use it anywhere, even on an airplane or in a car. 
  • No Hassles – You need water for a CPAP, and manufacturers recommend using distilled water to keep them in good working order. Plus, you’ll need electricity and/or batteries to use a CPAP. Using a mouthguard is as easy as putting it in your mouth. 

To make your appointment for a sleep apnea consultation at Total Dental Care of South Carolina, call us today at 803-272-4162.


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