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4 Big Benefits of ClearCorrect Aligners

  • April 1, 2022

Metal braces are one way to straighten teeth – but they certainly aren’t the most convenient or comfortable way. Most folks with braces spend a year or more wearing them and coping with the challenges of metal hardware. Good thing you’ve got another choice for orthodontics at Total Dental Care of South Carolina: ClearCorrect aligners.

To see if this treatment method is right for you, call us today at 803-272-4162 to schedule a consultation in our Columbia, SC office. In addition to ClearCorrect, we offer Six Month Smiles, braces that have a more discreet appearance than conventional braces and work in less time too. 

In the meantime, see some reasons why ClearCorrect is so popular with our patients. Compared to regular braces, ClearCorrect is:

  • Fast – Unlike regular braces, which can take as long as three years to straighten teeth, most adult patients complete their ClearCorrect treatment within 12 months. 
  • Attractive – Since your aligners are made of clear plastic, ClearCorrect won’t detract from the appearance of your smile during treatment. Many people probably won’t even be aware that you’re wearing them. 
  • Comfortable – The smooth plastic is also much less likely to irritate your mouth than metal brackets and wires. 
  • Convenient – One of the biggest benefits of ClearCorrect aligners is that you remove them for meals and for oral hygiene. This gives you the ability to eat anything you’d like, with no worries about food getting stuck in wires, and makes it a lot easier to keep your teeth clean too. 

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