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  • April 14, 2014

People have different ways of dealing with toothache. Some just take over-the-counter drugs while others endure the pain and avoid going to the clinic. Patients who battle with dental fear skip their appointments not knowing that Dr. Doug Forbes of...
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  • April 11, 2014

Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) is a common condition that affects the jaw joint and the muscles that control a person’s jaw movement. It is characterized by pain in the jaw, neck, ear, and face coupled with other discomfort such as...
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  • April 9, 2014

Many people in the United States are unhappy with the appearance of their teeth; lack of care, medical conditions, genetics and bad nutrition can cause teeth to...
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  • April 8, 2014

In the past, treatment of damaged teeth can be a long process. You’ll be required to travel back and forth to the clinic just to bring the back your natural smile. You also need to wear temporary restorations that can...
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  • April 1, 2014

People with chronic migraines and headaches know real pain. It’s impossible to work or study when it feels like someone is trying to break your skull open with a machete. Drugs can help, but they treat only the symptoms, not...
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  • March 25, 2014

Temporomandibular disorder, or TMD, is a condition that results from complications with the jaw joints, jaws and the facial muscles. This disorder makes moving the jaws difficult, hence affecting a person’s ability to chew, yawn and talk, among other things....
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  • March 21, 2014

Perhaps among the different health issues a person can have, one of the most uncomfortable conditions anyone could experience is a TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder. This involves the jaw joints on each side of the head in front of the...
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  • March 15, 2014

Metal braces are still around, but why get them when you can straighten your teeth without discomfort or awkwardness? Clear braces are the modern way to get the smile of your dreams, especially if you’re an adult or working professional....
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  • March 11, 2014

Not all Hollywood stars were born with perfect teeth. You’d be surprised at the number of celebrities who have had some dental work done. Veneers are the go-to cosmetic procedure, where thin porcelain shells are bonded to the front of...
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  • March 7, 2014

Dental accidents and emergencies can happen any time of the day. Knowing how to deal with some of the most common dental emergencies can often mean the difference between losing and saving your tooth. It’s important to note that in case...
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